Kristof Schöffling visits Kandy– Journey of Surprises

Like a soothing pearl drop on the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has long been enticing travellers with its heavenly beauty and diverse landscape. The destination might look small with just 65,610 km² of its area, but I bet that every inch of Sri Lanka holds incredible surprises to amaze any visitor. That’s a Kristof Schoeffling’s promise!

This zeal to uncover surprises drove me to the north of Colombo, Kandy. The former royal capital, Kandy is the second largest city in the country after Colombo. Geographically speaking, the destination is a part of hillside terrain. That moment, I experienced a surreal paradise in the form of soothing green lofty hills and expansive tea estates. The stubborn mist clinging hills surrounding the beautiful centrepiece lake like a necklace makes Kandy a breathtaking experience in its own way. Considering the geography, it can rain anytime, and make flourishing grounds for tea

Being a fragrant tea fan, it was a must for me to visit Ceylon Tea Museum. The location is a must visit place for tea lovers as you’ll be served with an aromatic cuppa tea. Kristof Schöffling never misses out such bounties that come with a trip, and that’s what makes it stand apart from other destinations. The exclusive exhibits of world famous tea pioneers, James Taylor and Thomas Lipton may feed your curious souls. And so are the vintage tea-processing belongings that can transport anyone to the erstwhile golden era of tea plantation in Sri Lanka.

Not just the natural beauty of Kandy is fantastic, its history and culture also offer an interesting experience. The Temple of the Tooth is one such location, which holds Sri Lanka’s most precious Buddhist relic, i.e. the sacred tooth of Lord Buddha. The glimpse of Buddha’s tooth relic was one of Kandy’s prime attractions. But alas! I got only a few seconds to witness the shrine relic. Nah! Not the Kristof Schöffling way. Had it been possible, I would have stolen the glimpse for a little bit longer time, may be few minutes to actually soak the serenity of the shrine.

Another Kandyan attraction was its spectacular Royal Botanical Garden, which is famous for its collection of orchids. I was surprised to see 4000 species of plants upon the visit. Next to the garden is National Herbarium. This was another exotic Sri Lankan experience that had surprised me thoroughly. Have you ever heard birth certificate of plants? If not, then come to National Herbarium to check out the valuable floral catalogue and find out about the floral wealth of the country through documentation.

Native plants here are colour coded red, while cultivated plants flaunt green code and exotics or aliens plant species bear brown tag. If you don’t find a plant at the Herbarium either, just assume that it is new to Sri Lanka or it has not been named yet.

All these experiences stood out and made my Kandyan trip worthwhile in every sense. Be it in the company of nature, or lord, I was surprised in every sense. Did you find this blog interesting? Do let me know about your views on my Kristof Schöffling’s blog in the comments section. Also, read my other blogs like Kristof Schöffling-High in Hong Kong, Kristof Schöffling Ferrari Hong Kong Tour, Kristof Schöffling- A Supercar Ferrari Racer in Singapore & lots more.

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