Kristof Schoeffling shares 5 travel tips to keep in mind while travelling

Kristofschöffling Says, “If you want to travel the world, you’ve got to make travelling a priority!”
Here are 5 best travel tips from Kristof Schoffling

Kristof Schoeffling loves to explore and while doing so there is this one point you need to keep in mind –
You should Spend More Time in Fewer Places.

Kristof Schoffling believes in keeping his mind open while travelling since you are not going to be at home and surrounded by the culture, it will be new and it will be a nice one to explore and understand.

Kristof Schöffling learns from his tips, something that he takes back with him. Learn a word or two form the language, understand and use it well among the locals. Learn their culture, you will find treasure.

Kristof Schoeffling urges you to meet the locals, explore the villages and be a guest to their culture. After all travelling is learning.

Last but not the least Kristof Schoffling suggests you wake up early and do not miss out on the sunrise of every journey you make. Memories will last forever, so keep making them no matter what.

Happy travel!

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