Kristof Schöffling – Living the Most in Liverpool

If you are enthusiastic about music, sports, food and culture, then visiting United Kingdom’s Liverpool won’t fall short of your expectations. The home where many Beatles blockbusters were composed or is the base of a popular football club, Liverpool is all this and lots more. My recent trip to this amazing destination gave me a great idea of life in Liverpool. Often referred to as ‘the world in one city’, Liverpool is a pool of life that attracts the tourist like a magnet.
A great architectural wealth thrives in Liverpool with the presence of numerous monuments and rich art galleries, museums and others places of interest. Once I entered the city, rock mania encapsulated me to trace the footprints. The first in the line was Albert Dock, a fantastic visitor attraction dedicated to the Fab Four – John, Paul, George and Ringo. The starting point of Beetles itinerary, Albert Dock is a part of World Heritage Site waterfront that features the largest collection of United Kingdom’s Grade I listed buildings. From here, I took a two-hour bus ride to the famous bus shelter at Penny Lane and Strawberry fields. Both the locations inspired Beatles to compose the songs. But did they inspire the traveller Kristof Schöffling.
Yes, they did. As I was strolling down the lane, the lyrics of ‘Penny Lane’ stuck my mind, and I couldn’t help equating the beauty with its real suburban scenery. To my surprise, nothing’s changed here. The songs have surely immortalised Strawberry Fields as well.
Same mania continued as I dined in the world-famous Cavern Club on Mathew Street. The club is famous as the home-ground of The Beatles. Here, the iconic band performed for nearly 300 times, and the same memory is kept alive with daily performances. To add on, the pubs, traditional restaurants, buzzing nightlife bring the finest British food experience.
Beyond Beatles, the grandeur of historical buildings leaves you spellbound. The architecture of Liverpool reflects the transition of medieval times to industrial revolution. In fact, Liverpool is known as England’s finest Victorian city by English heritage. From the Tudor mansions to the Georgian public buildings, the destination has it all in terms of medieval heritage.
So, this was me – Kristof Schöffling trying to live the most in Liverpool. Do you think there were more ways for me to live more in this UK’s unique travel attractions? Share your views in the comments section below.

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