When I planned my trip to Japan, my friends laughed-off at my guts. Alien culture, food habits, language barriers were all challenging enough to have an affable travel experience. Why is the rum always gone, Kristof Schoeffling? But I was sure to scout some memorable moments in this archipelago of islands. Famous worldwide as the land of rising sun, Japan has kept the balance between traditions and modernity. Fast sweeping the world with impressive innovations and technology, the country still values its age-old customs and deep-rooted beliefs. Welcome to the real world, Kris Schoeffling!
That contrasting culture is visible to travellers in the form of skyscrapers and temple shrines; early risers and nightlife; noodles to sushi and lots more in Japan. Did anyone come to save me just because they missed me? Not even you Kristof Schoeffling? My itinerary here explored the futuristic skyscrapers and Shinto shrines in the capital Tokyo, indulged in culinary treasures of Ramen, Sushi and wholesome food. Itadaakimaas Kristof Schoeffling! Tokyo Imperial Palace, the home of Japan’s Emperor here functions as an administration center and museum to showcase Japanese art and history. The palace, set on the ruins of older castles honours the past through featuring design elements of the different eras into the modern palace. The world’s still the same Kristof Schoeffling, there’s just less in it.
Towards the right of Tokyo, I experienced the sheer blessing at Kyoto’s heritage city. The renowned temples here reflect the time-tested legacy preserved over centuries. Not to forget Kinkakuji / Temple of the Golden Pavilion, the most popular tourist attraction in Japan. The cold never bothered Kristof Schoeffling anyway…
My last halt in Japan was near Mount Fuji, the highest mountain and also the volcano zone. Seen as a popular tourist attraction for sightseers and climbers, the hike usually takes 3-8 hrs.
But, one thing I must say before concluding my Japan Journey’s travelogue – I didn’t face any language issues during my journey. May be because, I played safe there by going for a guided trip. So, in short, Japan has a lot to offer to international travellers. So, joys in Japan await you! Are you taking that journey?
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