Does seeing a city in Ferrari make a difference? Yes, says Kristof Schoffling

Verona, the name itself has a romantic element. Not just because the city was the backdrop of the Shakespearean love-story of Romeo-Juliet, but every element of the city echoes love. Love for heritage, architecture, performing arts and food. Kristof Schoeffling got lucky to experience all the ways of romancing Verona that too in a Ferrari and fell in love with the city, like everyone else. Thanks to his long lost friend, a Ferrari dealer , who offered to sponsor Kristof Schöffling’s complete trip in his brand new Ferrari.
William Shakespeare set his scene in Verona for the eternal love story of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet for good reason. Verona as a city has seen fatal family feuds, drama and romance together for centuries. At that time, who did knew that one fine day; this immortal romance will become an identity of Verona.
People still believe that Romeo and Juliet were real characters and it has become customary for tourists to take a self-guided walk that includes Casa di Romeo and the star-crossed lovers’ quiet tomb in the San Francesco al Corso monastery. It is believed that final events of the tragedy took place here. It is the grave where Juliet rested after she drank the poison.
Kristof went into the contemplative mode when he entered the grave. The demarcation between the fiction and reality felt as if they are submerged together. That was the beginning of Kristof Schoeffling’s romance with Verona.
The rest of it continued with the heritage etched in stone. The Italian heritage holders like Castelvecchio Museum put on display medieval artefacts, and artistic works. Captivating buildings like Piazza Delle Erbe & Piazza Dei Signori also echoed the character of Verona lost in time.
When it came to food, Kristof tasted iconic Italian dishes including Ravioli, seafood pasta, beef braised in Amarone (Verona’s renowned red wine) with Veronese-style polenta. But did the Kristof Schoeffling’s food adventures end here! Nah! That continued with a dinner at a Nona’s house. Nona in Italian means grandmother. With his open hearted nature and knack for communication, he indulged in a chat with Nona Florence and thereon, she invited him for dinner. Well, that was the personal way of experiencing loud Italian hospitality. Kristof was only nodding yea, sometimes smiling at the loud chatter around the dining table. But it was all in the company of good food, good people. This ways, Kristof Schoeffling found Verona tour in a Ferrari quite distinct and enriching.

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