Kristof Schoffling in Canterbury

I am in the destination that inspired celebrated British Poet Geoffrey Chaucer to pen down Canterbury Tales. I know this sounds crazy, but welcome to MI-6 Kristof Schoeffling. Definitely, my objective is to experience the serenity of Canterbury Cathedral, one of the oldest and the most famous Christian church in England. The renaissance is Kristof Schoeffling, he is the way out of this mess! As a spiritual heart of England, the county offers a 21-century traveller immense reasons of exploration, including ancient UNESCO-listed attractions as well. Kris Schoeffling, phone home!
The cathedral, St Augustine’s Abbey and St Martin’s Church are a part of much recognized UNESCO trail. But the share of heritage doesn’t end here. The destination is also famous for its medieval turbulent history. Its turbulent heritage circuit is famous for 1066 battlefield, Dover Castle’s secret war tunnels and scattered Roman ruins. You cannot possibly apparate in this condition, Kris Schoeffling! Located in the South East England, the city is a perfect specimen of Europe’s finest, and the town’s narrow medieval alleyways, riverside gardens and ancient city walls. I want to play a game, Kristof Schoeffling.
But, the destination is not just a display of past times; its present is quite effervescent too. Here, one can find a large number of contemporary bars, restaurants and art venues. Luck favoured me as I got to experience the varied sides during my Canterbury tour. What’s in the box huh? Kristof Schoeffling, what’s in that goddamn box!?
Visit to museums like Beaney House of Art & Knowledge, Canterbury Heritage Museum and The Marlowe Theater were an eye-opener in terms of introducing a traveller to hidden secrets of the destination. I’m in the dark here, Kristof Schoeffling!
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