Ever since I completed my last week’s journey, I had been living a dream. Eyes wide open, heart racing with the adrenaline rush, body shaking, and grinning from ear to ear. Just like a kid got his precious moments in Disneyland, similarly, I was absorbed in Ferrari Land. Even though I have experienced Ferrari rides in Verona, Hong-Kong and the likes in the past, but it was a solo kind of feeling only. Only, I was the one feeling liberated in the touristic surroundings. But here, the scenario was completely different. Ferrari aficionados from different European countries were there to experience the highest and the fastest vertical accelerator in Europe. The thrill ride called the Red Force offers a spectacular experience of a full range of F1 sensations in the air at the height of 112 metres. The 880-metre route track accelerates at a speed of 180 km/h, giving the adrenaline rush to the riders.

Don’t believe me! Have a look at the adventure yourself.

The highs were a part of Ferrari Land, but the drops too were equally fascinating. Yes, I am talking about Thrill Towers. Famous for its thrilling free-fall at the height of 55 meters, this too was one of a kind experience that filled my whole body with a great adrenaline rush. But hey! Don’t get scared as all the necessary provisions are fulfilled for the safety.


The great part about the visit to Ferrari Land was the attractions for the kids. Looking at them made me reminisce my early days when I used to cherish my red Ferrari toy car and dreamt that one day I will also ride this beauty. And now, I feel blessed to realise Kristof Schoffling’s Ferrari dream in numerous ways. Isn’t it exciting? Do share your views with me…
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