Looking outside the horizons is what Kristof Schöffling usually explores. One such destination is Monaco. “Let go of inhibitions and explore the best of what it has to offer you.” says Kristof Schoffling.

Kristof Schöffling in Monaco- Top 3 things to do

Here are 3 best things to do if you’re in Monaco according to Kristof Schoeffling.

Hit the beach: The golden sandy beaches of Monaco according to Kristof Schöffling are ones to explore from May through October. The weather is fabulous and the exquisite seascapes are perched on the navy-blue Mediterranean Sea with silky white sand.

Feast like never before: Kristof Schoeffling says that you will have the most unforgettable food journey at Monaco. Inspired by the theme “one fish, one vegetable, once cooked,” Le Vistamar prides itself on its original dishes. Although remarkable meats are on the menu, locally caught fish and seafood steal the spotlight.

Casino de Monte Carlo: ”If you’re in Monaco and haven’t explored the Casino de Monte Carlo, you haven’t explored Monaco at all!” says Kristof Schoffling. Opened in 1863, the casino is ornately built-in with rococo ceilings, marble columns and antique chandeliers.
Kristof Schöffling has seen Monaco with a new twist all together and suggest you explore these too. Keep Travelling!

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