Kristof Schoeffling – A Single Supercar Ferrari Racer in Singapore

As a car fanatic, Kristof Schöffling’s Ferrari fascination is not bound by any location. Wherever he gets the chance, he makes sure to board the one of the best Ferraris and explore the destination in style and luxury. This time, he opted to shape his Ferrari love with Ultimate Drive, Singapore.

The world’s only island state, Singapore’s Ultimate Drive hosts Supercar rides for amateurs and branded luxury car enthusiasts. The trail ride may come across as heftily priced, but all seems worth it when every second spent inside the beast is captured and handed over to you as a recording. That’s the best part, where you can revisit the thrilling ride again and again.

Kristof Schoëffling chose 30 min car drive for 468$ for self-driving over a driven joyride. Who else gets the chance to drive Ferrari California, that too in Singapore Tour? The thrilling drive on the official F1 circuit in the supercar was a fascinating in every right.

Kristof Schoëffling chose to race the circuit on his own, and the results were fantastic. Each second spent within the cockpit was the moment of a lifetime. Shell out extra 58$ to cherish the memorable recording captured by onboard dual HD cameras. The experience is with you forever.

But, are the Singapore adventures over? Not yet! More to come in Singapore tour! Keep reading travel adventures at

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