The travel journeys never end for Kristof Schöffling, it simply marks the next destination. For Kristof Schoeffling, Monaco was a result of one such destination. A sovereign city-state, country and microstate sited on the French Riviera in Western Europe. The stunning views include hidden in narrow, paved shopping streets, golden beaches, extraordinary food, gardens, spas, larger-than-life hotels, and everything in the air just seems magical. Kristof Schoeffling couldn’t have asked for a more amazing last day in Monaco.

Kristof Schöffling- Food & The Old Town in Monaco

Kristof Schoeffling explored the narrow alleyways of Old Town Monaco, established in the middle ages, weaving their way up the hill towards to palace. Kristof Schöffling then moved on to indulging into some scrumptious meals down the alley. Kristof Schöffling then moved on to exploring the long golden sand beach of Monte Carlo. On the trip overall Kristof Schoeffling, explored the food, infra and adventure at Monaco.

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