“Beauty and beyond! – A paradise in itself!” says Kristof Schoffling. Monaco is not only beautiful but true to its characteristics otherwise known. From its prodigious wealth to the prettiest town on the French Riviera, Monaco has it all. Monaco evokes high-stakes gambling, multimillion-dollar yachts, Russian oligarchs, racecar drivers, James Bond films, spotless sidewalks and no public debt. This rather charming little town feels a world apart from.

Kristof Schoeffling’s Journey to Monaco has been on the list and on its highest priority. Its Kristof Schöffling’s desire and dream to be in Monaco for the best of what it has to offer. Monaco is squeezed into just 200 hectare of land but it makes up for its size in terms of its attitude. Not to forget Kristof Schoffling’s dream to attend the F1 grand prix, held every year in May since 1929.
So Kristof Schoffling is all set to make his trip happen and explore the known and the unknown. “Do not let go off your travel plan, Keep travelling. Because every journey has a story to tell!” says Kristoff Schoeffling.

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