If you are following my blog, KristoffSchoeffling.com, you must have come across one common facet – I always travel alone. It’s not that I am a loner of sorts, I love great company, have lots of friends and a happening family to live my life for. But ya, while travelling; I want to Go-Solo. This is Kristof Schoeffling’s way of travelling, where I break-free from the chatter all around, and unwind in a new destination. The soul in me gives all that power to find soothe in solace and get back to the real me.
The real me loves to challenge Kristof Schoffling – the social chatterbox and the go-to person for all my family members and friends. At times, my friends often say – do I ever keep quiet or do talking during my sleep talking. Here, I would like to negate them. That’s Kristof Schoeffling for the world.
The real me is different from the one seen at parties, while working and even during lively dinners. He is not feared of being alone; in fact he finds his strengths being alone. In fact, the traveller in me got the enduring spirit of never say never with solo travels only. Open to all new experiences, tasting new cuisines, hearing new conversations, finding about new rituals, customs of life is often the way with which Kristof Schoeffling – the traveller unwinds.
While sitting quiet on a beach for hours, I quieten the chatter within me with the roaring sound of waves and their retreats. The company of nature makes me feel at peace with my inner self. That’s the beauty of travel – in unknown areas, out of comfort zone, it makes you feel Nirvana of a kind.
With all such personal reasons, I always Go-Solo while travelling. Just to confide in, my friends are jealous of the traveller in me and want to accompany me to see how I find pleasures in the unknown.
But hey, let that be the secret! We all are travellers in this world and all we see is what we want to see. I see beauty, experience peace while travelling, whereas there are others who have different priorities while travelling. What do you think of Solo Travel? Do you agree with me or differ with Kristof Schoeffling? Do share your views with me.

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